The enchanting soft and creamy cheeses

The Cremificato® par excellence and the Grandi Classici of Lombard tradition are born to give you an experience full of sensations. They have a perfect taste and incomparable textures. They are excellent if combined with a bit of imagination.


Our Gorgonzola Dolce P.D.O. is the Cremificato® par exellance. It is famous in the world for its for its texture. It has a sweet and genuine flavour: under its rind it hides all its tastiness. It is perfect for turning every dish into a wonderful experience.

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Our Gorgonzola Piccante P.D.O. is a great typical blue cheese that presents a characteristic flavour, unique of its kind: it has slightly piquant notes which are immediately recognizable. In cooking it is perfect to give personality to your recipes.

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Our Taleggio P.D.O is a typical soft cheese that has an intense flavour. Our recipe gives it an unmistakable quality and remarkable tasting notes. It is typically used as table cheese, but also as an original ingredient for your most savoury dishes.

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Our Quartirolo Lombardo P.D.O. is a fresh table cheese made from cow’s milk and it presents a soft texture.  Its flavour is very characteristic: it is sweet but, in the meantime, it is strong, slightly sapid and very intense. In cooking, you can use it for a lot of recipes in order to make your light dishes more special.

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Mascarpone is one of the most popular cheeses in the word and it is obtained from the processing of milk cream. It has a creamy, soft and spreadable structure and an irresistible texture. Its taste is sweet and delicate, ready to surprise any palate. In cooking it is perfect for your delicious recipes or for creamy desserts.

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